Tips for Using Social Media Photo Booth Rental to Build Brand Awareness

Tips for Using Social Media Photo Booth Rental to Build Brand Awareness

Social media photo booth rental makes your event more fun than ever before! You can use social media to create buzz around your next event-you may have to hire a photographer for this, but you will have fun watching your favorite pictures come alive on your big screen and in your hand. Social media photo booth rental offers a great way to create buzz about your next event without spending a ton of money. With high-tech digital devices, you can really capture every moment of your event with little or no cost to you-all you need is a little planning and imagination!

Social media photo booth rental

Social media photo booth rental takes everyones interest away from you once they see it! Not only does it entertain your party, but it pays off by allowing your guests to email, text and share all their photos and cute little animated GIFs instantaneously. The photo booth also employs hi tech electronic props such as the social media snapchat!

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to go all out to create a buzz at your corporate event; there are many ways to increase attendance and interactivity at social media photo booth rentals. One of the most obvious is providing fun giveaways. For a more corporate event, handing out corporate items is always a good idea. These can include items such as mugs, pens, t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, magnets, or just about any other logo or slogan you want to put out there.

Guests love giving away stuff, and if they have to pass around some of your promotional swag, they’ll do it with pride! Another way to generate interest in your event is by giving out “touches” of your company’s logo or slogan. Just be careful not to give out too many, though. Using a social media photo booth rental allows your guests to bring along some of their own promotional items to use while they are at the event, which will help to significantly boost your bottom line.

You can also get your guests involved in other ways. Have each guest sign up for a prize through whatever promotional system you have set up. In the photo booth, you can then take pictures at your event, and at the end have the results emailed to your client list. Having your event branded with your brand name will help you get more clients from referrals, and it will show your guests that you appreciate their participation.

If you’d rather have your event personalized with something less common, you can still use a photo booth rental to add an interesting touch. If you’d like a more striking image, use a hashtapper. A hashtapper is simply a sticker that you affix to your banner, billboard, or sign. The value of a hashtapper is twofold: it acts as a coupon for people who see your brand, and it adds an unusual touch to any promotional event.

Finally, you can create your own branded photo booth using an online presence. There are several companies who will make custom banners and posters for any event you wish to promote, and they can do so on your behalf. By using a reputable online printing company, you can have these items professionally made, with your business logo prominently displayed. Using an online social media photo booth rental provider gives you even more options to promote your event, since you can use the tags on the photos to promote your event at the same time.

If your budget is tight, or you just need a little bit of a breather from the stress of promotion, consider utilizing digital props to get your message across. Digital props such as stickers, pins, and shirts can go a long way towards creating branding in the mind of customers who are already thinking about your brand. When you combine a great photo booth rental with the right digital props, you can ensure your customers remember you and your event whenever they attend future events.